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Lianxin Zhenyue has launched forms of durian ice skin mooncakes, particularly the Malaysian Musang King Durian Snow skin Mooncake and the Black Thorn Snow pores and skin Mooncake. The pulp fillings are manufactured from pure Malaysian Musang King durian and black thorn durian, and the pleasant is assured ! Ninety% of it is durian pulp filling, 10% is ice skin, and the flavor is complete of the rich taste of durian! In case you want to strive extraordinary flavors without delay, you could select Musang King & Black Thorn blend Durian Snow skin Mooncake.
Don’t assume that there are simplest pineapple desserts in Taiwan’s mildly hot hills. The popular sub-brand “FORBIDDEN” of the brand has released the famous Musang King durian ice skin mooncakes. The top Musang King durians from Pahang, Malaysia are cautiously decided on and made with super fruits. The surface layer of the ice skin does now not include artificial coloring, however is fabricated from natural acai powder and freeze-dried coconut powder. There are 4 portions of Musang King durian snow skin mooncakes in a single container!

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